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3 Cartridges-408
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All AutoStem products are CE approved

The most advanced non detonating rock breaking

cartridge available, 1.4S Classification

AutoStem Generation lll

High-performance pyrotechnic blasting cartridges
Self Stemming, Safety Switch Technology, Gen 3 Booster, Auto Sequential,
The ultimate blasting technology for 2018
The World's only 1.4S, Self Stemming, Non-Detonating Blasting Cartridge
2 x more powerful than the next closest packaged explosive product available worldwide today
(Stocktube) Helix Range- render- 35mm x 200g-10-375
Available in multiple power charges: - 35mm: 60g, 100g, 180g, 300g 
  - 43mm: 200g, 350g, 550g
  - 60mm: 500g, 700g
  - 87mm: 1.0kg, 1.7kg
Safety Switch Technology Introduced with Gen lll
The AutoStem Gen lll is entirely harmless until the operator chooses to switch off the safety by simply rotating the red end cap by ninety degrees.
This makes AutoStem Gen lll the only non-detonating cartridge with a safety switch for unmatched safety

Helix Range - Render-712-959
AutoStem Gen lll and Micro Range of cartridges available for any borehole from 10mm - 94mm 
Fully accredited 1.4S, UN0323 / UN0432 / UN0349 (depending on country) 
Packaged in boxes weighing 22.0kg

Fully intergates with any centralised blasting system

AutoStem Box

Extra-length cartridges for Long Hole Blasting part of the Gen lll range.

3 Cartridges-408

Available in both Electric and Non Electric (shocktube) options, the AutoStem can be initiated by almost any means with millisecond accuracies for Mining applications.
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AutoStem Products 
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Air leg Hammer-610

Drill Consumables-730
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