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AutoStem Gen 3

AutoStem Gen lll 

The most powerful non-detonating cartridge range
Gen lll Packaging Information
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All AutoStem products are CE approved

The revolutionary alternative to conventional explosives

The most powerful non-detonating cartridge range

Gen lll Packaging Information
35mm x AutoStem Gen III: 
60g​    - 90 per box, NEQ: 5.4kg,   cartridge length: 200mm
100g  - 90 per box, NEQ: 9.0kg,   cartridge length: 200mm
180g  - 70 per box, NEQ: 12.0kg, cartridge length: 300mm
300g  - 50 per box; NEQ: 12.0kg, cartridge length: 350mm

43mm x AutoStem Gen III: 
200g​ - 50 per box, NEQ: 12.0kg, cartridge length: 230mm
350g - 35 per box, NEQ: 17.5 kg, cartridge length: 250mm
550g - 30 per box, NEQ: 18.0kg, cartridge length: 300mm

60mm x AutoStem Gen III: 
500g - 20 per box, NEQ: 10.0kg, cartridge length: 340mm
700g​ - 20 per box, NEQ: 14.0kg, cartridge length: 340mm

87mm x AutoStem Gen III: 
1.0kg - 8 per box, NEQ: 8.0kg, cartridge length: 400mm
1.7kg​ - 8 per box, NEQ: 13.6kg, cartridge length: 400mm

All box dimensions are 315mm x 508mm x 320mm
All boxes weigh 21 kg

AutoStem Gen III product information below. For any further detail or questions relating to specific cartridges sizes, burdens, spacings and drilling patterns, please contact Drill Connex directly.

AutoStem Box-556-508-997

Consignee details included on the box including description of box contents, expiry date, place of manufacture, contact numbers and all regulatory markings Products CE approved, US DOT approved, Canadian Ministry of environment approved, SA SAPS approved, Australian Ministry of Mines approved amongst other regions.


A Full Range of Packaged Products

The 35mm (1.38 inch) range of Gen 3 cartridges
Gen lll shadow 1-480-53-859  
  • Suitable for borehole sizes up to 40mm (1.65 inch)
  • Available in 60g, 100g, 180g and 300g charges
Gen lll Shad 1-584-773-702-485
  • Available with electric (non-explosive) initiation and detonator capable initiation
  • Suitable for deep level mining, trenching, civils blasting
Gen lll shad 3-468-828-958  
The 43mm (1.69 inch) range of Gen 3 cartridges
Gen lll 43mm long-856-895  
  • Suitable for borehole sizes up to 55mm (2.16 inch)
  • Available in 200g, 350g and 550g charges
Gen lll 43mm middle-914-200  
  • Available with electric (non-explosive) initiation and detonator capable initiation
  • Suitable for deep level mining, tunneling, embedded rock, hard blast environments
Gen lll 43mm short-527-884-342  
The 60mm (2.36 inch) range of Gen 3 cartridges
Gen lll 60mm shadow-275-475  
  • Suitable for borehole sizes up to 70mm (2.75 inch)
  • Available in 700g charges

  • Available with electric (non-explosive) initiation and detonator capable initiation

  • Suitable for large borehole blasting and benching


The 87mm (3.42 inch) range of Gen 3 cartridges

Gen lll 87mm Shadow-526-346-977-617  
  • Suitable for borehole sizes up to 102mm (4.0 inch)
  • Available in 1000g and 1700g charges

  • Available with electric (non-explosive) initiation and detonator capable initiation

  • Suitable for large borehole blasting and benching


All Gen III products can be integrated with

centralised blasting systems
Electric and detonator-shocktube product options available
Shock tube 1-434-342-602-198-841 Shock Tube 2-429-458-451-532-392 Shock tube 3-733-985-83-218-986

35mm product range with detonator/shocktube integrated

43mm product range with detonator/shocktube integrated

60mm and 87mm product range with detonator/shocktube integrated

Sequential firing capability utilising standard explosive accessories
AutoStem Gen III seamlessly integrates into any blasting system, from any supplier, anywhere in the world

Summary technical information

Energy content 2.0 x more powerful than the next best packaged explosive at 5,121 j/g energy capacity

Speed of deflagration 340 m/s - Ensuring minimal vibration impact to surrounding environment

Pressure 500 MPa - With reaction runaway, AutoStem Cartridges reach maximum pressure within milliseconds sufficient to break out the hardest rock

Density 1.1 g/cm3 - Highest packing and mix density makes Gen III Cartridges the most powerful blasting cartridge available worldwide

Vibration PPV of <2mm/s at 6m - minimal vibration caused, due to low delfagration speed during runaway (as measured by Peak Particle Velocity)

Water resistant - Water resistant as a standard to a depth of 50m (6 bar)

66% reduction in vibration using Gen III
4.8kg of AutoStem used versus 10.0kg of conventional packaged explosives for a 1.2m advance, 90% reduction in dust, and vibration at 6m, 12m and 18m markedly reduced. Immediate re-entry possible with no toxic gas concentration 

87mm range suitable for sensitive bench blasting 

Sensitive benching using the AutoStem 87mm x 1700g, 60mm x 700g, 43mm x 550g products offers a win-win solution in terms of avoided
flyrock, vibration and air-blast risk. 
87mm cartridges can be used in bench heights to a depth of 12m with burden and spacing in excess of 2.0m x 2.0m depending on rock type,
hardness and level of layering
The above blast consisted of a 12m bench, drilled in a 2.0m x 2.0m grid, four holes in an initial row off the bench, followed by 4 holes in a
back row. Only 1 x 87mm (1,700g) cartridge combined with 3 x 87mm (1,700g) boosters were used in each hole, with the back 4 x holes
delayed sequentially after the front row of 4 x holes initiated. 
Above - A Low Vibration Blast in a Construction environment.
A bench of 3m deep, 15 holes of 2.0m x 2.0m spacing initiated all at once. Notice the blaster standing in the upper left corner safely on the
bench. A single 43mm x 300g cartridge was utilised in each hole, illustrating the capability of AutoStem Technology when optimised
A single hole, 2.5m off the face consisting of 1 x 87mm cartridge (1,700g) and 2 x 87mm (1,700g) boosters initiated simply to dislodge
and fracture up the bench face in a safe controlled manner. The height of the bench was 10m and no clearing area was required. Solution
allowed for quick, seamless drill and blasting. Hole sizes of 103mm were used.
3 holes 2.5m off the bench face with spacing 1.2m between each to a depth of 9m. A single 87mm cartridge (1,700g) combined with two
87mm (1,700g) boosters were used in each hole simply to demonstrate the capability of the product. Whilst the camera angle did not pick
up the full benefit of the blast, note the loader equipment and personal not required to be moved from the bench.


Utilising the 35mm x 300g for trenching blasts

The power of the 35mm x 300g (420mm) cartridge makes it the product of choice for trenching. Combining self-stemming capability with a
rapid deflagration and rise in pressure, the AutoStem 35mm will blast out the hardest of rock without problem to variable depths without
vibration damage and controllable fragmentation size. 
35mm trench blasting pic-652-670-696-642-351-23 35mm after trench blast pic-633-430-371-919-587
Before blast: 3 x 35mm (300g) being inserted to a depth of 1.2m

After blast: Controlled fragmentation without fly rock

Blasted to a depth of 1.2m, three 35mm x 300g cartridges opened up solid granite rock to demonstrate the energy delivery capability of
AutoStem Gen 3 in solid ground. Fragmentation size distribution was narrow and manageable
Utilised with boosters and delays, long stretches of trenching become achievable in a safe and environmentally conscious way using
AutoStem Gen III


The Gen III as an all purposes solution for secondary blasting

The power of the 35mm and 43mm range of AutoStem cartridges make it perfect for all types of secondary blasting as
demonstrated in the following video. The following were chosen to show the capability of the 35mm and 43mm range, and we offer
less and more powerful cartridges in this size range to meet your requirements.

The 35mm x 180g: Considerable power for the common oversize challenge 


The 43mm x 550g: High power performer with excellent fragmentation capability


The 35mm x 160g: Extremely capable, non-detonating blasting solution

The 35mm range is available in smaller and larger power charges
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More Application Specific Information

Oversize & Secondary Breaking

Tunneling & Development End Blasting

AutoStem Bench Blasting


Underwater Blasting

Civils Blasting using AutoStem

Trenching and Embedded Rock



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