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Anaconda UV Curing System

Fast, consistent lining installation with CCTV video inspection before the cure.

The Anaconda UV Curing System ensures uniform curing with one-third less time than steam-cured processes. The camera monitors the pipeline before and during the cure, allowing the operator to see any sags and wrinkles in the liner so they can be corrected before the curing.

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With no need to invert the liner, UV curing requires less equipment and smaller crews. Clean installation with less set-up reduces service disruptions. With no water usage, lingering odour and potential downstream contamination are eliminated.

System Selection:
Various systems are available to meet application requirements. A portable unit for pipeline diameters of 6- to 18-inches can be trailer mounted or retrofitted to an existing truck. A vehicle-mounted system provides a professional platform for lining of pipes with diameters of 6- to 60-inches.
  • Various light trains are available to provide the UV light required for proper curing, and to match the diameter of the pipe being lined. Adaptors are easily added to match the diameter and profile of the pipe.
  • The integral camera features an efficient, durable LED light ring to clearly illuminate the inside of the liner.
  • Packers seal each end of the liner so it can be inflated prior to inserting the light train. The packers have appropriate air couplings to connect to the blower hose.

Portable System:

The portable unit is a complete system that controls the light train speed and powers the UV lights on the light train. It includes a monitor, automatic cable feed and 130 m (425 feet) of cable. It can also be trailer-mounted or retrofitted to an existing vehicle.


Vehicle-Mounted System:

Aries’ UV Curing Truck is a complete system that provides a professional working platform.
The system includes the electronic control panel inside the control room, which monitors and records the curing process, controls the UV lights on the trains, and displays/logs the images and data.
The vehicle-mounted curing drum/reel assembly contains 200 m (656 feet) of cable, with an option for 300 m (985 feet). The unit controls the pre-set speed to ensure the prescribed curing time is exactly met and logged.

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Various packers are available: A set for pipe diameters from 6- to 18-inches contains five sizes (left); a set for pipe diameters from 24- to 40-inches contains two sizes (right). Larger sizes are available.

  • Simple process, with less equipment and quick set-up, requires a smaller crew
  • Liner is ready to install with no wet-out and little prep work
  • No hot water usage eliminates the steam truck for less fuel consumption
  • With no cool-down period, lateral reinstatement can start immediately
  • Twelve-month liner shelf life with no need for refrigeration
  • Fast installation and less equipment minimizes site disruption.
  • Environmentally friendly process eliminates lingering odor and downstream contamination.
  • UV curing technology produces consistent, dependable results
  • Strong fiberglass composite liner has a 50- to 80-year service life
  • High structural integrity results in thinner walls for less flow loss.
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