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Rehabilitation, Grouting, Sealing


Aries is the leading manufacturer of standard and custom-built sewer grouting systems.

This effective rehabilitation process enables municipalities to eliminate costly, unneeded treatment of diluted sewage. Grouting also prevents costly damage caused by pipe settlement and premature failure.

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Ground water infiltration is a major problem for many municipal sewage treatment plants. And exfiltration of sewage from the pipe can lead to contamination of storm sewers and groundwater.

Grouting is a proven technique to repair leaks. It is also the most economical and immediately available tool. Simple and practical, the equipment and process are quickly learned by municipal and contractor operators.


Leading Manufacturer of Grout Trucks

An Aries’ grout truck is a complete system with equipment to pump the chemical under pressure to the grouting packer in the pipeline.

High-volume electric triplex pumps are driven by variable speed motors for precise grout delivery. Large 60-gallon tanks facilitate the mixing of a new batch of chemical grout while continuing the grouting process. Heavy-duty steel mixers ensure fast, complete mixing.

High-powered winches move the packer from joint to joint. The grout reel contains 800 feet of hose enabling multiple run set-ups from a single entry point, to reduce setup time for increased productivity.

Learn more about Aries Vehicle-Mounted Systems »


Electronic Controls for High Productivty

The operator works in the control room to test, seal, and validate that the joints have been made watertight. An electronic control system with simple push-button operation reduces test and seal time. Controls are clearly labeled with a logical layout.

Grout volumes are displayed to ensure accurate control for productive grouting and for data capture.

Complete system, process and maintenance training is provided on-site at time of truck delivery. Support is also available through regular training schools conducted by Aries and our grout system partners, Avanti International (grout supplier), and Logiball (packer manufacturer).


CONTRACTOR Sewer Grout Schools

Experts from Aries, Avanti and Logiball present regular Sewer Grout Schools, at their facilities around the country.

These two-day sessions demonstrate the process and help customers halt groundwater infiltration. The schools include sewer test and seal equipment operation, maintenance and mixing workshop for engineers, operators and inspectors.

They feature hands-on demonstrations of equipment performance and grout testing requirements for compliance with NASSCO/ICGA grout specifications.



A brief look at techniques used to make simple and cost effective repairs to sewer pipe lines, laterals, mainlines and manholes. Aries Industries, Logiball and Avanti Grout all combine to provide a very professional product/service.      
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Business News Today in the US discuss the advantages and cost savings that are being made when using the Avanti Grout products for Sewer System repairs.  
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More Informative Grout Videos, Click Here .....

  • Simple, easy-to-learn operation
  • Large capacity chemical tanks with continuous-duty mixers
  • Constant monitoring of test and seal process for documented validation
  • 800 feet grout hose for multiple run set-ups from a single entry point
  • Mainline and lateral packers available
  • Optional manhole grouting package
  • Truck or trailer options
  • Multiple operations include grouting, CCTV inspection and cutting
  • Designs for extreme climates
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Contact Drill Connex now to learn more about the Chemical Grouting process and how it can reduce infiltration and save your sewer system.
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September 2014 Grout Boot Camp a Recipe for Success!

Twenty participants from nine states traveled to the Aries Industries Lithia Springs facility to learn from chemical grouting experts and to work with the test and seal system equipment.

Read about the school and see photos from this informative event.

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