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Extension Drilling Tools

Extension Drilling Tools
Rockmore’s bits, extension rods, couplings and shank adapters are used throughout the world for top-hammer production drilling in mining, tunnelling, construction and quarry work. Our extension drilling tools are designed to transmit the maximum impact energy to the rock with the least possible loss of energy in the drill string.
Rockmore offers a complete selection of extension drilling tools to meet all of your drilling needs, including button, cross and x-design bits, couplings, coupling adapters, shank rods, bit adapters, and thread adapters in a full range of standard diameters. We also offer a complete range of extension rods including male-male and male-female configurations, round and hex cross-section shapes, various lengths and different heat treatment options.


ROCKMORE Vector Rod System

Rockmore’s Vector Rod System is a major breakthrough in improving the performance and service life of extension drill tools in surface and underground percussive drilling applications. The new XT thread design, developed exclusively for the Vector Rod System, incorporates revolutionary new guided cylindrical contact zones between the male and female thread joints. These guided surface features, located in the nose and rear of the thread connections, enable many performance and reliability benefits leading to major overall cost savings in the drilling cycle.



ROCKMORE Multipoint Carbide Inserts

The MultiPoint carbide insert design provides multiple strike points for more efficient rock fracture.

Rockmore offers a range of carbide inserts, including the Multipoint carbide insert for button bits, combining higher hardness properties with longer-lasting performance to handle extreme, abrasive rock conditions. Extensive trials showed that Rockmore carbides last up to 20 percent longer than previous designs in water well and mining environments.


Extension Drilling Tools Product Information Downloads

PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Extension Drilling Tools Catalogue ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Reaming Tools Catalogue Section ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Bit Selection Handbook ...
PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Top Hammer Product Handbook ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Standard Thread Connections ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Vector Rod System Handbook ...
PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Bit Selection Guide Flyer ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Multipoint Carbide Flyer ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Crownpoint Carbide Flyer ...
PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Extended Dome Carbide Flyer ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Cross Flow Drill Bit Flyer ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Starflow Drill Bit Flyer ...
PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Xtrac Drill Bit Flyer ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Vector Rod System Flyer ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 MF Rods - Rockmore vs Competition ...
PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Starter Guide Tube Flyer ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Thread Guide Flyer ... PDF Large 2-476-23-481-531 Accessories Catalogue Section ...

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