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Top Hammer Rigs

T450 Top Hammer Rig - Everdigm EVERDIGM Top-hammer drill rigs guarantees the safety and quality at all construction sites. Easy maintenance and operation deliver satisfaction to customers. Strong drifter and engine power delivers faster, stronger, and satisfactory results.

Bit Diameter : 75 - 127 mm (3” - 5”)
Rod Diameter : T51 (T45)
Rod Length : 3,660 mm (12’)
Drilling Depth : 22 m (72’)
Drifter Model : HP150RP (Montabert)
Engine : Tier 3 Caterpillar C7 (Tier 2 Cummins 6CTAA8.9C)
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The Everdigm ECD45 and ECD45E are the favored Top Hammer Drilling Rig for those who need a good reliable rig with cost effective well supported parts and service. Everdigm rig sales have increased significantly in the Australian market and some Island nations. Australia is a tough market however Everdigms basic quality, reliability and competitive price point makes it a dominent force in the blasthole drilling rig sector. 
Hole Diameters: 76mm - 115mm
Engine: Cat C7, 225hp (168kW)
Drill Rod Type: T51 / T45 (option) 
Boom Type: Fixed or Extendable (E)
Drifter Performance: 21 kW (Montabert)
Rotation Revolution: 0 - 130 rpm
Rod Length: 3660mm
Drill Depth: 22m
Air Delivery / Minute: 282 cfm / 8m3/min
Air Pressure: 10.2 bar / 149 psi
Weight: 13,300kg
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The Everdigm ECD40E is the mid range Top Hammer Drilling Rig manufactured by Everdigm. The rig is suited to drillers wanting to drill the smaller hole diameters of 64mm - 102mm using a smaller drill string, smaller compressor and smaller engine than the ECD45.  
Hole Diameters: 64mm - 102mm
Engine: CAT C7, 225hp (168kW)
Drill Rod Type: T38 / T45
Boom Type: Extendable
Drifter Performance: 16 kW (Everdigm drifter)
Rotation Revolution: 0 - 200 rpm
Drill Rod Length: 3,660mm
Drill Depth: 22m
Air Delivery / Minute: 6 m3/min  / 212 cfm
Air Pressure: 10.2 bar / 145 psi
Weight: 13,500kg
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The Everdigm ECD35 is the smallest Top Hammer Drilling Rig in the Everdigm range. Providing drillers with the ability to drill 76mm and 89mm boreholes.
Hole Diameter: 76mm - 89mm
Engine: Cummins 6BT5.9 (tier 1)
Drill Rod Type: T38 / T45
Drifter Performance: 15 kW (16kW option)
Drill Rod Length: T38 - 3,050mm or T45 - 3.66m
Drill Depth: 18m - 22m
Air Delivery / Minute: 5.4 m3/min / 190 cfm
Air Pressure: 10 bar / 145 psi
 Adobe PDF file icon 32x32-737-695 Everdigm ECD35E Brochure ...                           
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