Montabert Factory

The use of innovative high performance technology in product design and manufacturing makes Montabert equipment the most efficient and reliable choice for customers around  the globe.

With a network of 150 dealers around the world, you will always find a Montabert certified partner close to you to provide the best service and solutions.


Montabert use the latest technology's to help design, build and test thier equipment. Montabert equipment is CE certified.

Engineers are constantly redefining Montabert equipment to make it faster, stronger and more reliable than ever before. 

Montabert is known worldwide for the design, production and distribution of rock drill products and have manufacturing facilities in Lyon, France. 

Montabert are proud of the generations of men and women who helped to build this great company. Montabert know that its history is the foundation of its future. The company was founded in 1921 by Joannes Montabert in Lyon, France. 

Product advancements and innovation still continue to this day due to the commitment, expertise and people who make up this world leading business.


The Montabert factory is located in Lyon, France.

The factory covers well over 100,000 square metres and is made up of many purpose built buildings and storage areas.

Over seven languages are spoken by the distribution of people who are part of this world renound company.