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Duplex Coated Anchor Bolts

Coated Rock Bolts


The Duplex coated rock bolt adopts two corrosion-prevention measurements on the bolt surface. These are hot-dip galvanising (HDG) and Epoxy Coating, which can prevent corrosion in extreme areas.

The Duplex Coated Rock Bolt is applied to conditions which are influenced by underground water and sea water such as Subsea Tunnel's, Wharfs, Buildings and other structures.


  •  Thick Hot-Dip Galvanised Coating, dense combination, high anti-corrosion and excellent strength.

  •  Benefits of Epoxy Coating:

  1.  High adhesive force to the steel substrate.

  2.  Excellent physical properties and chemical stability.

  3.  Excellent toughness and wear resistance. 

  4.  A wide range of temperature adaptability.

  5.  Fine insulation and resisting anode dissolution.

Duplex coated Hollow bar

Duplex Coated Bar

Rock Bolts with coating

Duplex Coated Rock Bolt System

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