• The PRO 450PU is a geotechnical drilling rig mounted on a Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 pick-up. The vehicle is reinforced with stronger suspension, and an aluminum skid that supports the rig itself.
    Versatile and powerful, thanks to its YANMAR 45 HP engine, the PRO 450PU is dedicated to geotechnical and environmental investigations, as well as shallow mineral exploration.
    Fully autonomous, it doesn't require any additional transport facility, including in poor access areas.

    The rotation head has two hydraulic motors, offering a wide range of torque and rpm combinations.
    It can also be equipped with hydraulic percussion hammer, and SPT options. With an hydraulic
    injection pump, a manipulation winch and a rod brake, it can perform all investigation techniques.

    450 Ute Mounted Drill

    • Vehicle 4x4 pick-up Toyoto LandCruiser
      Single cabin with reinforced suspension
      Aluminum skid dim. 170 x 230 cm
      Reinforced bumber
      Back stabilization
      Power group Diesel engine YANMAR 45 HP
      Gasoil tank 90 litres
      Hydraulic oil tank 90 litres
      Fixed flow hydraulic pump
      Hydraulic control Danfoss PVG 32
      Skid Mechanically welded steel skid
      2 hydraulic stabilization jacks
      Rod rack on the side
      Rotation 2 hydraulic motors OMT 160
      - Max. torque : 0 to 180 daNm
      - Max. speed : 0 to 280 rpm
      Option : V15 rotation head
      - Max. torque : 0 to 280 daNm
      - Max. speed : 0 to 480 rpm
      Air/water injection swivel with 2"3/8 API Reg connection
      Rod brake Option : rod brake, opening 170 mm

      Auger guide
      Mast Total length : 280 cm (useful 190 cm)
      Translation with hydraulic motor and chain
      Pull-up : 2500 kg
      Thrust : 1500 kg
      Max. drilling diameter : 160 mm
      Options Water injection pump 80 l/min – 40 Bar
      Manipulation winch 500 kg capacity
      Hydraulic percussion hammer