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L-450 Specs


Case Material: H.D. Urethane
Weight: 15.8 oz. (0.312 kg)
Shipping Weight: 2 lb. (0.908 kg)

Case Size: 3"W x 1.5"D x 4"H
7.6cm W x 3.81cm D x 10.13cm H

Type of Circuitry: Solid State Electronic
Firing Control Circuit: SCR (silicon controlled rectifier)
Firing Voltage: 450 VDC Minimum / 450 VDC Maximum
Firing Energy: 4.0 Joule (w/s)
Power Source: 1 Ea. 9V Alkaline Cell (NEDA )
Battery Voltage: 9V
H.V. Source: Inverter, Solid State Electronic
Energy Storage: Capacitor, Special Electrolytic, H.D.

Straight Series: 80 - 2 Ohm Electric Blasting Caps
Series Parallel: 2 Series of 40 - 2 Ohm Electric Blasting Caps

TO TEST: Before connecting to blasting circuit; depress "CHARGE" switch
until "READY" light illuminates. While maintaining pressure on "Charge"
switch depress "DETONATE" switch. "READY" light should go off immediately.

Caution: Do NOT relax "Charge" switch when depressing "Detonate" switch.
The L450-4J utilizes a dual switch firing mechanism to assure the blaster's
conviction to detonate.

When "READY" light fails to illuminate replace the 9V Alkaline
Cell under battery cap on right side of machine. Observe cap position when
replacing cap so as not to cross thread.

TO OPERATE: Connect machine to the blasting circuit and repeat "CHARGE"
and "DETONATE" sequence as in "TO TEST."

80 Cap Blasting Machine

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