• AMS 9700-VTR Powerprobe

    Compact AMS 9700-VTR Powerprobe Environmental Sampling Rig. The unit comes with a side entry swivel, hammer table, and 19m of 1m Mayhew junior Hammer Rods. 21m of solid flight augers, 7.5m of Direct Push Geoprobe Tooling and spares.
    This rig comes with many extras as listed below:
    • Pressure Washer & Water Tank onboard
    • Fitted with CPT Valve & Switch
    • Auger Rack on the back
    • Direct Push cutting Table on the side
    • Side Entry Swivel
    • Hammer Table
    • 19m of 1m Mayhew Junior Hammer Rods
    • 21m of Solid Flight Augers
    • 7.5m of Direct Push Geoprobe Tooling
    • Some spares


    Rig History

    The rig was manufactured in 2007 by AMS Samplers, USA.

    The rig has currently done 3,800hrs. The current owner has owned this rig for the past eight years but has now moved into specialised Geotechnical work so it is no longer required.


    Rig Specs

    • Horsepower - 80
    • Engine - Diesel
    • Length - 3.78m
    • Width - 2.05m
    • Height (folded) - 2.64m
    • Probe Stroke - 2.03m
    • Down Force - 33,000lb
    • Pull Up Force - 48,000lb
    • Probe Angles - 30 to 102 degrees
    • Auger Drive Head - 5,000 ft-lb, 2 Speed, High 150rpm, Low 55 rpm

    Options for SPT, CPT, CPTU, Seismic


    Contact Glenn if interested in this unit, 021 855 963.

    AMS 9700 VTR Sampling Rig