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The Hyundai DURAWING 165 is a Concentric Overburden System designed for casing of 215 mm diameter holes through varying formations into bed rock.
The wing bits are enclosed making them the most professional & efficient system on the market today as they are not exposed to "clogging" in loose overburden material while drilling down to the bedrock.
When the drilling starts, the bit wings protude utilising a unique cam sliding mechanism. The key feature of the DURAWING 165 is the self actuating wing bit system that works perfectly everytime.


Drilled Hole Diameter: 215mm

Casing Size O/D: 205mm

I/D: 178.8mm 


Major Body Diameter: 178mm


System Open: 215mm

Casing Size: 178.8 / 205mm

Total Weight (approx): 

Hammer Type: QL60, DHD360, SD6, M60  

Casing Drill Bit - Durawing SUS165

SKU: Durawing Bit SUS165
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