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We have a used Pagani Geotechnical TG150 Complete Mast Package for sale on behalf of a customer.


This TG150 Mast Package has only completed ONE CPTu Test! It has also had money spend on some alterations so it can be attached easily to a drill mast.

The TG150 CPT Mast is generally used with actual Drilling Rigs or mounted to a Truck, Trailer or self propelled unit. The unit has 15 ton of push power so buyers need to consider this as anchoring or a well weighted rig or truck etc is required.


The complete package includes: 

CPTu Tests Complete System 
007120 CPT-AS unit for CPTu1
007092 50 Mpa ASTM piezocone with one biaxial inclinometer and 3 x temperature compensated sensors which allow accurate data accumulation of the Piezocone. (These are not Temperature Sensors).2
007717 Depth encoder S1
006887 Depth encoder "S" cable for CPT-AS1
006881 Power supply cable, 12v1
009079 Jar with 10 Saturated Porous Filters1
002227 CPTu adaptor F.M28x2 - double-threaded F1
000902 Metal rod centring ring dia.52/37mm with cable slot1
001016 Push Cap with cable slot for rod dia. 36mm1
002223 Slotted pull cap for double threaded rod dia. 36mm1
002069 Clamp for porous filter mounting1
001445 Box for porous filter mounting1
000861 Siliconic Oil for filter saturation1
005247 Siliconic grease for saturation (250 gr.)3
001053 Piezocone cable with connectors, L=50m2
006364 Adjustable support for data logger1
005992 Stainless-steel ring for CPTU test with grease1
000895 Head for CPT Rod Pushing/Extraction1
002397 Pair of racks for 20 CPT rods2


CPT / CPTu Rods 
002228 CPT Rod 36mm x 1000mm, 2P (double threaded)32
002234 CPT Rod 36mm x 1000mm, 2P with friction reducer8


This complete 2022 TG150 CPT Mast package is in new condition and is being sold "as is where is". Any remaining warranty from Pagnai Geotechnical will remain in place (if any).


The price displayed is excluding 15% GST.  

CPT Mast - TG150 Used for Sale

SKU: Used TG150 Mast Sale
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