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We have a used EX125 Excavator Mount Drilling Attachment for sale (exworks).

This unit has less than 100 working hours on it so its bascially brand new.

This unit has a 3m stroke and is set up for Rotary/DTH Drilling. This unit also has 2 x 360 degree rotators which allows every angle to be drilled. The unit also has a Dual Feed Motor system for up to 14,000lb in additional pullback capability. This unit also has a Mist Pump for Dust Suppression. 


Here is a full spec list:

  • WEM Excavator Mount
  • EX2 Hydraulic Feed Extension of 600mm
  • M125 Hydraulic Rotary Head with Swivel and all accessories
  • 3000-57 Two Piece Mounting Slide for Quick change of drills
  • RC105 Radio Remote Controls
  • Water Mist Dust Suppression system
  • Line Oiler
  • Second 360 degree rotator offering both X & Y positioning
  • Parts & Service Manuals
  • Two piece mounting bracket for quick change between excavators


Optional Items Available are:

  • Hydraulic Clamp
  • Double Breakout Clamp (Clamp & Breaker)
  • Nitrogen Charge kit for Hydraulic Clamp
  • Angle Indicator
  • Energy chain for better hose handling (more for longer mast versions)
  • Forklift ready shipping platform with 600mm x 1200mm mounted side box.


Drill Connex also supply all of the drilling rods, bits adaptors, fluids, greases, portable air compressors and more. 

EX125 Drill Attachment - USED

SKU: USED EX125 Word Drill Attachment
$187,076.72 Regular Price
$154,319.59Sale Price
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