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Auto Field Sampler Product Information:

For those companies seeking to boost field productivity without hiring additional staff, the Auto Field Sampler (AFS) is the perfect solution.

The AFS will retrieve a 22mm diameter soil core from 0 to 300mm deep. It is important to keep in mind that present soil conditions may affect attainable sampling depths.

With simplicity and user-friendliness kept in mind during the design process, the AFS requires minimal operational knowledge or training to begin collecting soil samples. Compared to manual soil sampling, the AFS covers more hectares and retrieves more soil samples. Additionally, the physical strain required for manual sampling is reduced drastically along with manual handling injuries.

Operating the AFS is extremely simple from the comfort of your carrier vehicle's seat using a simple control switch with up and down arrows. To operate the unit, press and hold the down arrow to drive the soil probe into the ground, then press and hold the up arrow to retrieve the soil probe, its that simple.


A 300mm core sample can be taken within 5.5 seconds and automatically deposited into a collection container for a composite sample. The collection container can hold approximately 6 to 10 soil samples before being filled to capacity. Once the soil collection container is full, simply empty all of the contents into boxes or bags for soil analysis, then, reinsert the collection container into the holder on the AFS so soil sampling can be continued. Soil Sampling depths can be adjusted at any time.


In short, if you're looking to increase productivity and efficiency in the field and reduce the likelihood of injury, the AFS is the perfect tool for you. Say "goodbye" to manual soil sampling and embrace the innovative and effective AFS.


Dimensions & Weights

Mast Stroke length: 355.6mm

Mast Width: 241.3mm

Mast Height: 1518mm

Mast Weight: 40.8kg


ATV/UTV frame length: 1099mm

ATV/UTV frame width: 241.3mm

ATV/UTV frame height: 546mm

ATV/UTV frame weight: 17.23kg


Truck frame length: 502mm

Truck frame width: 241.3mm

Truck frame height: 514mm

Truck frame weight: 11.4kg


Power Unit length: 425mm

Power Unit width: 1143mm

Power Unit height: 362mm

Power Unit weight: 54.5kg


Universal mount length: 444.5mm

Universal mount width: 247.6mm

Universal mount height: 57mm

Universal mount weight: 11.33kg


Ag-Probe AFS Features

Fuel Tank (petrol): 3.12 litres

Horsepower: 4.8

Hydraulic Flow rate: 20.8 LPM

Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 18.54 litres

Hydraulic Oil Pressure: 900 psi

Push Down Force: 1590 lbs

Sample Depth: 0 - 300mm

Sample Time: 5.5 seconds

Sample Container Capacity: 6 - 10 samples 

Auto Field Sampler NZ

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