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Product Description

Air Connex unveiled a new model TWT850D-24T & TWT950D-17T  Dual Working Condition Air Compressor in 2022. This unit  is a "two-in-one model" and delivers 850CFM (24m3/min) of air at 348 psi/24bar, and also 950CFM (27m3/min) of air at 246.5psi/17bar. The compressor unit is driven by a Cummins 264kw Diesel Engine. 


Features & Benefits:

1. Cummins Diesel Engine, high torque, excellent power and low maintenance costs;

2. Flexible axle configuration and traction system, high-load meridian large tires, built to handle tough road/surface conditions;

3. Dual-working condition switch for controlled costs-saving;

4. High-efficiency two-stage screw air-end, large rotor, high stability;

5. TWT-CCU-005 Intelligent Controller, remote monitoring function, real-time control and monitoring.

6. High-capacity fuel tank (600L), offering more than 15 hours of high load continuous operation.



Mining Blasting: First gear: applicable to both , blasting for 115mm and below blasthole; Second gear suitable for 138mm or above blastholes.

Water Well Drilling: Two-speed adjustment can air flow for a 200mm diamter borehole at a depth of 200m.

Pile Foundation Construction: large diameter pile foundation construction, diameter 600mm.


Technical Specifications:

ModelTWT850D-24T950D-17T (Skid-mounted optional)
Compressor StageTwo Stage
Free Air Delivery (CFM/ M3/min)850/950CFM (24/27m3/min)
Working Pressure (psig/bar)348/246.5Psi (24/17Bar)
Screw Oil Volume-(L)90
Diesel EngineCUMMINS
Engine ModelQSZ8.9-C360-30
Rated Power (HP/KW)360HP/264KW
Rated Speed/Idle (rpm)2,000 (1,800)/1,350
Bore (mm)114
Stroke (mm)144.5
Displacement (L)8.9
Emission ClassEU III / TIER 3
Battery Voltage (V)24
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)600
Connector Size*QtyG3/4" *1, G 2"* 1
Wheel Size*Qty215/75R16Cx4
Weight (Kgs)4,500
Dimension (mm)4,370*1,860*2,450
Noise {dB(A)}80±5
Working Temp.(℃)-15℃~50℃(special conditions can be customized)

Note: Specifiations are subject to change without further notice.

Portable Air Compressor 950CFM / 246PSI

SKU: TWT850D-24T950D-17T
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