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Crawler Drill SPIDER 250 TH is a specially designed crawler drill rig that is perfect for roof bolting applications in narrow underground tunnels or mines. The track chain mounted self-propelled design makes it easy to use, and the pneumatic automatic rod catcher means quick and easy rod changing. There’s also a water flushing option available, and the overhead guard ensures operator safety. This simple and robust solution can be customised to your specific needs.


  • Specially designed for roof bolting applications in narrow underground tunnels or mines
  • Track chain mounted self-propelled crawler drill rig
  • Pneumatic automatic rod catcher for quick rod changing
  • Water flushing option available
  • Overhead guard for operator safety
  • Simple and robust solution
  • Customizable design as per application
  • Based on proven, market-leading design


  • Carrier
    Tramming speed: 3.2 km/h
    Traction force: 17 kN
    Track oscillation: ±20°
    Ground clearance: 230 mm
    Hill climbing ability: 30°

    Pneumatic – driven chain feed
    Feed length: 3665 mm
    Max. feed rate: 0.3 m/s
    Feed force pull up: 1800 kg
    Feed force pull down: 2140 kg
    Total length: 5130 mm
    Travel length: 3565 mm

    Overall length: 4000 mm
    Width: 1750 mm
    Height (Guide horizontal): 2600 mm
    Weight: 3200 kg

    Hole Specifications
    Hole dia (TH): 41 mm
    Hole depth (TH): 6 m
    Water flushing: Optional

    Recommended Air Compressor TH
    Free Air Delivery (FAD): 600 cfm
    Operating Pressure: 100 psi

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