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Drill Connex Item# 5061


25 Cap Blasting Machine with integrated circuit tester

Size: 3" W x 1.5" D x 4" H
Weight: 10 oz.
Color: Black and Red
Hardware: HD Black Nylon
Case Features: Compact Design, Waterproof, Impact Resistant, Rugged Push Button Switch Protectors, Quick Connect Binding Posts, Easy 1 Step Battery Compartment
Power Source: Alkaline Heavy Duty 9V
Operating Temperatures: Operating: -20 degrees  to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
                                      Storage: -45 degrees to 180 degrees Fahrenheit
Output Voltage: 200 VDC
Output Energy: 3 Joules
Firing Capacity: 100 Ohms
Continuity Indication: High Intensity Green LED
Test Voltage: 4 mV
Test Current: 70uA
Power Source: Internal
Connection: Quick Connect Binding Posts
Ready Indicator: High Intensity Red LED
Charge/Fire Cycle Time: approx 2 seconds


Continuity Tester
Positive continuity will be identified by a lit green indication of the center LED.  This indication will extinguish while the CHARGE switch is being depressed.

To Test
Always check blasting circuit with appropriate for blast test device prior to connecting to Blasting Machine. Before connecting to blasting circuit, depress CHARGE switch unit until READY light to illuminate.  While maintaining pressure on CHARGE switch depress DETONATE switch.  READY light should extinguish immediately.

Caution: Do NOT relax CHARGE switch when depressing DETONATE switch.  The dual switch firing circuit assures the blasters intent to initiate.

When READY light fails to illuminate within 5 seconds, replace the Heavy Duty Alkaline 9V battery accessible through the battery cap located on the right side of the unit. Make note to insure proper polarity when replacing battery.

To Fire
Connect Blasting Machine to blasting circuit and repeat CHARGE and DETONATE sequence as in TO TEST

Blasting Machine - 25 Cap

SKU: 5061
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