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Drilling Fluids & Greases

Drill Connex supply high performance Drilling Fluid Systems and proprietary vegetable oil lubricant products. Our products include downhole lubricants, specialty polymers, foams, tool lubricants, blast hole stabilizers, thread compounds, and non-alcohol environmentally safe freeze control fluids.

Drill Connex has highly qualified and experienced Mud Engineers to tailor your Mud Program as required. 

Drill Connex also supplies premium quality grease/lubricant type products in a range of sizes and grades for all applications. 

Matex Products

Mudex Products


Drill Connex Ltd supply HARDROCK Grease to Drilling Companies in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and also Tahiti. HARDROCK have been successfully supplying the Mining Industry with lubricants for over 20 years across Australia, New Zealand and throughout the world. The focus at HARDROCK is making high performance greases with extremely effective anti-seize, anti-wear characteristics.

Major Australian Drilling Companies such as Ausdrill & Wallis Drilling have been using Hardrock Products for many years with great success.

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