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Jet Grouting Equipment

HDI High Pressure Injection Systems & Components

  • Poles for

    - One-phase process (cement suspension)

    - Two-pahsen process (cement suspension - air)

    - Three-phase process (cement suspension - water - air)


  • Rinsing heads, nozzle holders, nozzles, drill bits

  • MBS 5 Drilling Data Acquisition System

  • Suspension mixing plants

  • Suction pumps for reflux

    - peristaltic pumps


  • High-pressure injection pumps (on request)

    - capacity 240 - 600 kW

    - max. pressure 700 bar

    - max. flow rate 400 l/min


  • Drilling equipment

Jet Grout Head


HDI Nozzle Stick & Drill Bits

The HDI nozzle stick (monitor) is a core component of an HDI drilling system. The penetration capacity of the nozzle jet is significantly influenced by the internal structure of the media channels and the nozzle shape.

Jet Grouting Drill Bit
Jet Grouting Head
Pressure Grouting HDI Drill

Grouting Plants & Pumps

Obermann / MAT

Pumps & Mixing Plants

  • KLEMM Bohrtechnik offers proven and innovative solutions from the OBERMANN MAT and BAUER MAT Slurry Handling Systems range.
    The standard program includes:

  • Batch suspension mixing plants

  • Injection systems

  • Continuous suspension mixing plants

  • Peristaltic pumps

Klemm Drilling Rig & Grout Plant

Pumping & Mixing 

Grout Plant

Grouting Station VS 41E

Grout Plant VS63 20 D

Grouting Station VS63-20-D

Grout Station VS110

Grouting Station VS110-E

Grout Station

Grouting Station AVS 110-E

Klemm Grout Plant

Grouting Station AVS 550-D

Jet Grout Station

Grouting Station DP-36B

Grout Plant DP50G

Grouting Station DP-50G

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