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Quality Drill Pipe Manufacturer

PerforatorX is quality Drill Pipe manufacturer based in Australia using Perforator German Engineering.

Australian Made Product

PerforatorX combines the excellence of Perforator’s renowned German engineering with Australian manufacturing to produce world-class quality drill pipes.

Local NZ Support

Solving the issue of costs and delivery times, Drill Connex NZ works very closely with PerforatorX to supply NZ Drillers with a quality product at the best possible prices and local support.

German Engineering / Produced in Australia


The PerforatorX Drill Pipes and Drill String components are available for all leading types of drilling rigs. These quality components are designed to minimise operating costs and maximise drilling productivity.

The PerforatorX drill pipes were designed in Germany and are used globally in Mining, Quarrying, HDD, Infrastructure and Tunnel Construction projects. These quality components are commonly used in Open Pit Mining, Water Exploration and in the installation of Underground Pipes, Cables and/or Conduits.

Examples of projects include large scale Blast Hole Drilling in Mining, Geothermal Energy Drilling and Water Well Drilling.

To ensure the highest performance of our premium products on your projects, PerforatorX use the highest quality materials and manufacturing/engineering methods.

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Drill Pipe NZ


What We Offer
Drill Tube NZ

The Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technique is for mainly horizontal wells/boreholes.

This drilling or pushing type method allows pipelines to be laid underground without having to dig a trench. The boreholes can be several hundred meters long and move around objects using a controlled drill head.

The HDD drilling rig drills an underground channel and pulls in one or more products or empty pipes as it retreats.

We offer:

  • Friction welded and integral forged HDD drill pipes

  • HDD drill pipes for rigs

  • Optional with hard banding as wear protection

RC Drill Pipe

In Down-the-hole (DTH) Drilling, the percussion mechanism which is commonly called the hammer is located directly above the drill bit. The drill pipes allow the flushing air to reach the piston inside the hammer and they also allow the necessary feed force and rotation to the hammer body and the drill bit.

Rotary Drilling (Rotary) does not require a DTH Hammer. Rotary drilling uses a large compressive force along the drill string to the drill bit, combined with very strong rotational movement and torque.

We offer:

  • Drill pipes from 35 to 300 mm OD – up to 219 mm OD in friction welded version

  • Available for rigs from all leading manufacturers.

  • Standard thread types like API Regular, API NC, API FH, API IF, BECO, Cubex, Z-threads, RD (round threads) and many more

  • Casings

  • Drilling Tools: drill bits, drill collar, stabilisers, subs, check valves, fishing equipment etc.

  • Optional hard facing for wear protection in abrasive ground conditions

RC Drill Rod Inner Tubes.jpg

Reverse Circulation Drilling or RC Drilling as its commonly called is a method of drilling that uses dual wall drill pipes consisting of an outer drill pipe with an inner tube.

The hollow inner tubes allow the drill cuttings to be transported/flushed back to the surface in a continuous, steady and uncontaminated manner.

Unlike Diamond Core Drilling, RC Drilling compiles sample rock cuttings/chips instead of rock core.

We offer:

  • RC Drill Pipes from 88.9 mm to 273 mm OD

  • Standard design with O-rings, optional with special flat seal system (OF-version)

  • All common industry standards, API and PERFORATOR threads available

  • Accessories: Crossover Subs, Blow-Down Subs, Blow-Up Subs, Dig-Out Subs etc.

  • Non-Mag Stainless Steel RC Drill Pipes.

Drill Pipe NZ.jpg

Cutters and Augers for vertical or horizontal drilling are mainly used for Mining, Civil Construction and Investigation type projects. We offer a wide range of Auger Drill string components for soft to medium and medium / hard ground conditions.

One of the most significant advantages of our Auger range is the Snap Lock Connection, which allows a very simple and fast process for connecting and disconnecting the Augers.

We offer:

  • Auger diameters ranging from 28mm to 1,680mm

  • Working lengths from 0.5m to 6.0m

  • Square connections with or without a flushing hole from 13mm to 24mm dia.

  • Hexagon or Octagon type connections from 29mm to 210mm

  • Special round tapped connection (Stihl)

  • All types of API threaded connections like API REG and more.

  • Dual key Hollow Stem Auger connections

  • Lead Augers and Cutter Heads for all types of ground types

  • Fishtail bits

  • Toothed Cutter Heads

  • Rock Cutter Heads with Tungsten Carbide picks

  • Trench Wing Cutter Heads

  • Wing Cutter Heads with an included Rock Cutter

  • Tricone Drill Bits

  • Step-type Drag Bits

Disc Cutters

Developing and manufacturing project-based disc cutters are one of the core competences of PERFORATOR.

The Perforator product range includes standard and also custom sizes from 150mm to 395mm (6" to 15.5"). Perforator custom fabrication specifications take into account your projects geological conditions. 

Perforators in-house production guarantees a high standard and consistent quality. The use of complete mechanical seals (non-split) and large roller bearings combined with high-quality materials and components ensures a long life product.

Attached serial numbers allow for quick traceability and easy documentation

(e.g. recording of drill meters).

Standard components are held in stock to enable short delivery times worldwide.

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