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Grout Plants & Accessories

For more than 55 years ChemGrout has manufactured the world’s largest selection of grouting equipment and are proud to be connected with Drill Connex as its New Zealand

& Pacific Islands distributor.

ChemGrout offers both colloidal and paddle type grout mixers, as well as a variety of grout pumps, including piston, plunger and progressing cavity. The concepts of mixer-pump balance, user-friendly operation and ease of maintenance are emphasized in the design of ChemGrout grouting systems. 


Products by Industry

Colloidial Grout Plant CG460

Heavy Construction

Marine, Escasements, Building & Foundation, Rock Bolting, Soil & Rock

Environmental Grout Plant


Biological & Chemical Injection, In-situ Injection

Grout Plant Roading.jpg

Roading / Highway

Bridge Rehab, Manhole Sealing, Slab Raising, Undersealing, Doweling

Paddle Mixing Grout Plant CG550 Anchor

Tunneling & Mining

Anchoring, Cable Bolts,   Rock Bolts, High Pressure,  Spraying

Manual Grout Plant.jpg

Building Construction

Hollow Metal Filling (windows & doors), Machine Base, Post Tension, Pre-cast

Grout Plant Double Acting.jpg

Councils / Urban

Manhole Sealing, Slab Raising, Undersealing

Grout Plant Geotechnical


Abandoned Shafts & Holes, Geothermal, Well Casings, HDD

Continuous Grouting Plant.jpg

Restoration & Repair

Resurfacing Concrete, Spraying, Topping & Bonding Overlays

Grout Plant for Slab Lifting.jpg

Maintenance & Plant

Machine Base & Tank Stabilisation, Encasements


Air Compressors

Flow Meters