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Air Compressors - Portable

Drill Connex supply a specialised line of Air Connex Branded Portable Air Compressors to compliment many of its Drilling Rigs and Excavator mounted Drill Attachments. The Air Connex range of Portable Air Compressors is significant and there is an option for almost every application and every customer. Specialising in a "simple product" with reliable, high-performance components and some of the best pricing ever seen in New Zealand makes the Air Connex range of Compressors a must for any serious business. View our range of products below or contact us for more information or a quote today. 

Example Images

Diesel driven air compressor
400cfm Air Compressor
Air Compressor engine bay
After Cooler
375cfm air compressor
Portable Air Compressor

Diesel Air Compressors 180 - 500cfm

Diesel Air Compressors small

Diesel Air Compressors 500 - 1000cfm

Medium Diesel Air Compressors

Diesel Air Compressors 1000 - 1600cfm

Diesel Air Compressor Large

Products in List Format:

Note: We do not carry stock in New Zealand so there is always a lead time of around 7 weeks minimum for shipping and any build or quality control check time if the units are not available due to demand. 

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