Drilling Attachments

Drill Connex offer Drilling Attachments for Large and small Hydraulic Excavators, Bobcats, Telehandlers and small Mini Skid units. Why not utilise your current excavator for Blast Hole Drilling, Anchor Bolt Drilling, Augering, Excavating and Loading.

Our Montabert range of CPA's are arguably the best in the world and have been for many years.

Why not invest in the best?  

Montabert CPA Drilling Attachments


Hand Held Rock Drill Attachment

The DEMON Hand Held Rock Drill attachment takes away the need for operators to physically hold onto the 20kg - 30kg hammer unit. The DEMON drill attachment will fit onto any suitable piece of machinary weather it be a skid steer unit (bobcat), a mini skid unit, a small excavator or a telehandler. This simple system allows the operator to drill all day long in a very safe environment and without risk of fatigue related injury.