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Drill Rigs and Mast Attachments

Mincon's Rock Drill Series of Drill Rigs and Mast Attachments for Excavators and Skid Steers are powerful, compact and efficient.


Innovative engineering reduces maintenance requirements

Standardised off-the-shelf spare parts available from local suppliers

Engineered durability, built to last in the toughest applications

Power specification's customised to maximise penetration rates

Drill Mast Attachments integrate seamlessly with your skid steer/excavator

Highly efficient hydraulic power systems

Available with application and sub-surface optimised drill tooling packages

Mincon's new Rock Drills - Start Drilling

A powerful, compact and modular range of drilling rigs and mast attachments for excavators and skid steers. Start building your drilling solution with Drill Connex today.

Introducing our new range of powerful Mincon limited access drilling rigs and hard rock drilling attachments for skid steers and excavators. Our tracked rigs and excavator attached rock drills are built for pre-drilling hard rock, micro piling, geothermal, solar, foundation, dewatering, water well and geotechnical applications. We offer complete drill tooling packages and customised equipment options to suit your application and ground conditions,  maximising your drilling speeds and project efficiency.

As your drilling solutions partner, Drill Connex & Mincon has the equipment, technology and expertise to help you grow your business in the toughest drilling conditions in the world. Get a quote on a dedicated drilling solution for your project and application with one of our drilling experts today. 

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Rock Drill M106 - 1.8m unit


The M106 Skid Steer Drill Mast Attachment is ideal for dewatering and solar applications. Capable of drilling with augers, helical anchors, ground screws, DTH hammers and mud drilling setups the M106 can drill over 200 ft for small bore applications, or to shallower depths for larger bore holes, i.e foundation and underpinning applications. For skid steer or excavator attachment.

  • Height7’ (2,133 mm)

  • Mast Stroke6’ (1,828 mm)

  • Max Pullback6,600 lbs (2.992 kg)

  • Weight (mast only)725 lbs (328 kg)*

  • Clamp System Optional

  • Side to Side Movement Optional

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Drill Head Options 

Hose Connections

Only 2

Skid Steer or Excavator Mounts


The Rock Drill M106 Drill Attachment mounts onto mini-excavators and skid steer units seamlessly.

With a simple two hose connection for the pressure and return flow on the carrier machines auxiliary hook-up it couldn't be easier to start drilling.

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