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Large DTH Drill Bits 

Mincon offers a comprehensive range of Large DTH Drill Bits suited to all ground types and drilling conditions, for a wide variety of rock-drilling applications.
We also offer a large range of Shock Subs to protect your Drilling Rig long term.
Large DTH Drill Bit


  • Available with all major drill bit shank designs

  • Three drill bit face designs: concave, flat, convex

  • Mincon-manufactured tungsten carbide buttons for the ultimate in quality

  • Multiple carbide designs and grades for operation in a variety of ground conditions

  • Proprietary heat-treatment process for superior hardness and wear resistance

  • Regional manufacturing for lower lead times

Large DTH Button Bit

The Mincon DTH Drill Bit range has been developed using customer feedback and years of rock drilling experience.

All of the DTH drill bits are designed to withstand the most demanding drilling conditions. Mincon’s range of drill bits and can be ordered for all major DTH shanks designs.

Precision engineering, world-class heat-treatment processes, and high-quality tungsten carbide inserts are what set Mincon DTH drill bits apart.

All bits are manufactured at Mincon’s state-of-the-art facilities around the world, ensuring availability and short lead times no matter where our customers are. Our cutting-edge production processes and proprietary heat-treatment ensure consistent quality, which translates to reliable and dependable drilling consumables.

By collaborating with customers and having strict control over all production processes, we are able to continuously improve our drill bit and tungsten carbide technologies. This dedication to innovation, quality, durability, and customer service has earned Mincon its reputation as The Driller’s Choice for DTH consumables.

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