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Pick Hammer MPH09 by Mindrill is one of the most versatile pneumatic hammers, designed to be effective in a wide range of situations when dealing with soft/medium to hard materials from brick to concrete. The two-step trigger helps the user maintain the location of the chisel point as desired and helps with the first critical cuts. The air cushioning system on either end of the cylinder reduces the piston impact transmissibility to the operator thereby making the operation gentle for him.

The pick hammer also comes with a kick-latch retainer for quick tool change.


  • Versatile design and can be used for a variety of soft/medium to hard rocks like brick to concrete
  • Two-step trigger helps to maintain the chisel location at the start of the operation
  • Air cushioning system reduces the impact on the operator
  • Comfortable grip due to screw cap retainer
  • Ergonomic vibration reduction handle
  • Kick-latch retainer for quick tool change


  • Weight: 10 kg
    Length: 500 mm
    Air Consumption: 18.5 l/s
    Impact Rate: 1800 BPM

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