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The new Pagani Geotechnical Seismic Piezocone is fitted with a set of geophones, to detect P and S Seismic Waves which add to the investigative performance of the Piezocone, and the possibility to carry out a Seismic classification of the terrain.

In a single test, it will be possible to achieve Qc, Fs, u2 values and data on the propagation speed of the waves in the terrain (Vs – Vp).


The three Geophones for collecting the data regarding the Seismic Waves are positioned orthogonally between them, inside the piezocone unit, one for gathering data on the P waves and two for gathering data on the S waves, allowing for the data to be received from any angle.

Seismic Piezocone -2

SKU: 008454
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