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Pusher Leg MPL250

The MPL250 air/pusher leg is designed for the MJ250 jackleg drill.

It is balanced for easy operator control.

The pusher leg controls are integrated into the MJ250 drill backhead with push button jackleg retraction.


Technical Specifications:

  • MPL250-51"  
Weight :13.6 kg30.0 lb
Feeding Length :1295 mm 51in
Retracted Length :1727 mm68 in
Extracted Length :3022 mm119 in
Piston bore :68 mm2.7in
  • MPL250-39"  
Weight :12.0 kg26.0 lb
Feeding Length :991 mm 39in
Retracted Length :1422 mm56 in
Extracted Length :3413 mm95 in
Piston bore :68 mm2.7in


  • MPL250-30"  
Weight :10.9 kg24.0 lb
Feeding Length :762 mm 30in
Retracted Length :1194 mm47 in
Extracted Length :1956 mm77 in
Piston bore :68 mm2.7in


Ordering Part No.

Part No.Feeding Length
5115 101 00051 in
5115 101 000 5039 in
5115 101 000 5130 in


Key Features

  • Balanced weight distribution for easy operator control
  • Ergonomic controls for operator, with push button stoper leg retraction and
    "motorcycle" control feed
  • High penetration rate
  • High torque
  • Convenient operating controls
  • Long life
  • Comes with a locking steel puller
  • Market leading product

Air Leg / Pusher Leg MPL250

SKU: MPL250 Jack Leg
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