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ML130 Lubricator

When using Pneumatic equipment is it always best to use a lubricator to enhance the drill life and performance by protecting against corrosion and machine wear and tear.

The ML130 lubricator is a versatile solution which has been a customer favourite since its introduction in the market.


Technical Specifications:

Weight Empty:3 kg
Oil Volume :1.3 ltr.
Max Working Pressure :17 bar
Air Flow Range :25-134 l/s
Hose Connection:25 mm


Ordering Part No.

Part No.5131 101 000


Key Features

  • Easy to handle
  • Large cross-sections
  • No choking
  • Maintenance-free
  • Minimization of tool wear
  • Prevention of icing and rust
  • Ecologically harmless operation
  • No interruption of work
  • Increased tool productivity
  • Reduction in energy requirement
  • Reduction in your tool repair & maintenance costs

Airline Lubricator ML130

SKU: ML130 Line Oiler