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CG-450 High Shear Colloidal Series

The ChemGrout CG-450/2L4 are specially designed, skid or wheel mounted, high shear colloidal injection systems designed for vacuum grouting of post tensioned cables ducts or small injection projects.

These units are designed to inject PT Cable grouts for small tendons or voids.

Materials include Sika 300 PT, MBT 1205 and a wide variety of other PT grouts.

This unit features a 76 litre high shear colloidal mixing tank, a 2L4 progressing cavity pump,and a 128 litre agitator tank.

The mixing tank is equipped with a baffle and a variable speed high-shear impeller, rotating at speeds up to 3000 rpm, providing rapid mixing action. From the mix tank, material flows through a large 4” slide valve, onto a fine mesh screen, and into the agitator tank.

The injection pump is a variable speed, positive displacement, progressing cavity pump that delivers up to 22 LPM, 174 psi (12 bar).

This unit can be powered by compressed air, electric/hydraulic, gas/hydraulic or diesel/hydraulic.

The rugged steel frame, complete with caster type wheel stands up to the toughest conditions on the job site.

All moving parts are covered for safety. Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production.

CG-450 High Shear Colloidal Series

  • The ChemGrout CG450 features a 2L4 progressive-cavity pump capable of a steady 6 gpm and 174 psi.

    A 20-gallon, high-shear colloidal mix tank and a 34-gallon agitating tank constantly feed pump for continuous operation.

    Heavy-duty frame and lifting lug stand up to the rugged conditions of post tension grouting.

    Power options include electric/hydraulic, gas/hydraulic and diesel/hydraulic.

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