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The Pagani Geotechnical CPT-AS Data Logger is a compact data-logger to perform CPTu tests in the field using an easy, fast and intuitive instrument.


Compact and very practical

Extremely compact and robust acquisition system, transportable in a practical case.

Width: 220 mm

Height: 190 mm

Depth: 60 mm


Speed during testing

The CPT-AS is a fast and intuitive data-logger system,

able to acquire CPTu test and dissipation test data through

minimal guided steps and without the aid of computers and bulky wiring.

The data can then be downloaded using a simple USB stick


Functionality always guaranteed

The CPT-AS data-logger is resistant to rain and extreme temperatures, the touch-screen monitor is perfectly readable even in direct sunlight.

Operating temperature: -20 ÷ +70 °C


Technical information


Supply voltage: 9V DC - 18V DC

Typical absorption (maximum): 0.5 A (1 A)

Operating temperature: -20 ÷ +70 °C

External links:

Power supply: 12V DC

Encoder input: Line-driver encoder

USB ports: Line-driver encoder

Piezocone input: RS485 serial


Length: 220 mm

Height: 190 mm

Depth: 60 mm

CPT-AS Data Logger

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