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Dynamic penetrometric tests in portable equipment.

Available in Petrol, Electric or Electric 110V.

The DPM30 penetrometer allows the realization of penetrometric tests exclusively of continuous dynamics type. For dynamic testing, the penetrometer is equipped with a beating system consisting of a 30 kg (66 pounds) hammer and 200 mm (7.87 inch) stroke, driven by a hydraulic motor. For operation there is a motor-pump unit, where the engine can be gasoline or electric (220v or 110v). For the extraction of rods, coating pipes and samplers, a hydraulic extractor is used. The penetrometer is controlled by means of a foot distributor. The hydraulic connection of the various components is carried out by means of rapid couplings. Reliability is proven by hundreds of units operating in Italy and around the world.

Optional extras available

On the DPM30 penetrometer, in addition to the standard equipment, you can also use:

  • a sampler to take soil samples with limited disturbance, ensuring a better ability to interpret penetrometric data;

  • recovery tips;

  • coating tubes for DP tests.

Ins and outs

Penetration System

  • Hammer weight: 30 kg

  • Drop height: 200 mm

  • Special steel rods: Ø 20 mm; L 1000 mm; Weight 2,4 kg

  • Cone characteristics: Ø 35,6 mm; B 60°; At 10 cm²



Our machines are certified and comply with EC directives


As attested by the certifications we have obtained, the characteristics of our machinery have been subjected to checks and comply with the CE and US CFR directives (Title 29 §1910 Subpart O) to guarantee the consumer safe and cutting-edge products.

DPM 30

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