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Custom built to fit your excavator model, these Excavator Attachments offer solutions
for a variety of rock drilling applications such as: 

  • Rotary Drilling (PDC Bits, Drag Bits, DTH Hammers etc)
  • Auger Drilling
  • Percussion Drilling using Hydraulic Drifters


These units are purpose built bascially for Roadside Anchor Drilling, above and below the road and they come with many options to chosse from such as:

  • Double Breakout Clamp
  • Dust Suppression (either water mist or dry suction)
  • 360 degree rotator/s (single or double options)
  • Centraliser
  • Pressure Washer Attachment
  • Shipping and Storgae Platform
  • Optional Rotary Heads
  • Optional Hydraulic Drifters (bolt off / bolt on)
  • Remote Controls (2 options available)
  • Air Swivel
  • WEM Excavator Mount
  • Angle Indicator (x, y)
  • Line Oiler
  • Energy Chain for Hydraulic Hose handling (for extended mast mainly)
  • 6.4m Extended Mast Feed Option
  • Quick Change Drifter Mount


Once we understand the Hole Diameter/s and drill Depths required we can start to discuss with you a targeted build to suit you needs. These units are well priced and USA made. Contact us for a specific build quote. 


EX57 Specifications:

  • Hole Diameter Range - Rotary: typically 90mm - 172mm
  • Hole Diameter Range - Percussion: typically 38mm - 127mm
  • Hole Depth Range - Rotary: typically 0m - 30m plus 
  • Hole Depth Range - Percussion: typically 0m - 20 plus
  • Minumum Excavator Size: typically 6 - 20 ton however it has been fitted to 4 ton excavators as well, (it depends a lot on the options included). 
  • Standard Stroke Length: 3,200mm 
  • Pullback: 3,175kg
  • Rotation Speeds: 0 to max 500 rpm adjustable
  • Rotation Torque: up to 3,316 ft/lb (458kg-m)
  • Rotary Head Weight: 65kg
  • Shank Type Size: 3 3/8" API adaptors available (2 3/8" API).
  • Feed Extension: 600mm
  • Standard Radio Controls with 12 functions/controls


VIEW OUR EX RANGE VIDEO, Click this link ...... 

Drill Attachment EX57

SKU: EX57 Drill Attach
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