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D700 DTH Drill Rig

The EVERDIGM D700 Rock Drill is a robust low cost unit manufactured with reliability and ease of serving in mind. Big features offered at an affordable price. 

Easy maintenance and operation deliver satisfaction to customers. Strong  engine power delivers faster, stronger, and satisfactory results.


D700 Specifications
Hole Diameter Range: 115mm ~ 178mm
DTH Hammer Range:  6", 5", 4"
Drill Tube Diameters:   89, 102 and 115mm
Drill Tube Length:        6m, 5m, 4m
Max. Hole Depth:        55m
Engine Output:            CaterpillarC13, 328 kw (440hp) / 1,800 rpm
Air Delivery:                 883cfm (25 m³/min)
Air Pressure:               Two stage screw type, 25 bar
Transport Weight:       24,500 kg
Transport Width:         2,500mm


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DTH Rig - Everdigm D700

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