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Everdigm T400 PRO
The EVERDIGM "T" PRO Series Top Hammer Drilling Rigs are the premium level of rigs in the EVERDIGM range.

The "T" PRO series have basically been improved due to the requirements of New Zealand and Australian Drilling Company owners who wanted the low cost reliable rig with a quality Drifter (Montabert), reliable, high performance and environmentally friendly engine (Cummins), a comfortable and modern cabin with joystick controls, automated rod changer and compliant safety features which includes a Safety Lever that is raised when exiting the cabin (much like an excavator) to isolate all functions.  

The "T" PRO Series also come with a range of "options" such as GPS Positioning including performance and maintainace monitoring, Drilling Support System (electronic) and many others. View our T PRO Series brochure for more of simply contact us here at Drill Connex.   



  •  Hole Diameter:   64mm -  102mm
  •  Drill Rod:            T38 or T45
  •  Drill Rod Length: 3,660mm (12')
  •  Hole Depth:        25m
  •  Drifter:                EHD 18.5kW or optional Montabert Drifter 
  •  Engine:               Cummins, 216hp, QSB6.7, Tier 3 (tier 4 option) or 
  •  Engine Option:    Caterpillar C7, Tier 3, 225hp
  •  Compressor       212 cfm, 152 psi 
  •  Dust Collector:   32 m3/min
  •  Boom:                Folding Boom, length 5,000mm
  •  Weight:              14,280kg


Everdigm T400 PRO Drill Rig

    •  Drilling Support System - GPS
    •  Drilling Depth & Angle Indicator
    •  Centralised Greasing System
    •  Triple Grouser Tracks
    •  Hydraulic Test Tool Kit
    •  Hydraulic Handle Pump
    •  Rear View Camera
    •  Water/"Hole Control" Injection System (Tank Included)
    •  Electronic Refuelling Pump - Automatic Type
    •  Pre-heating System
    •  Cabin Safety Guard
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