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KLEMM Drilling attachment systems of the KA series are very easy to adapt to existing excavators as the carrier devices because all interfaces (mechanical, electrical and hydraulic) are available and prepared for use.

The excavator mounted Drilling Attachment allows for many solutions, especially for difficult drilling positions. The long reach and 360 degree ability of the excavator not to mention the ability to reach over, above and below itself offers drilling in almost all locations.



Length: 6,200mm

Travel Length: 4,850mm

Feed Force: 100kN

Retractive Force: 100kN

Feed Speed: 4.5 / 9.0 m/min

Fast feed Speed: 21.0 / 42 m/min

Electrical: 24v system

Magazine: Yes MAG 2.1V


Carrier Requirements:

Excavator Weight: 35 ton or larger

Hyd. Vol Flow min: 200 / 280 (l/min)

Hyd. Pressure max: 250 / 270 bar

KA202 Weight without excavator connection: With one roll-over, approx 6.0 ton

KA202 Weight without excavator connection: With two roll-over, approx 7.0 ton



Anchoring for Retaining Walls

Anchoring into Rock, Block or Concrete Walls

Dewatering Holes in Walls / Depressurisation

Soil Nails

Floor Drilling in Opencast Mines


Recommended Rotary Heads:




Excavator Drill Attachment KA202

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