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Jack Leg

The most popular Jack Leg drill on the market.
The OEM of the popular MWS83 Jack Leg Drill and TUL2B & FL7 Feed Legs.

Precision manufactured parts that run better and wear down slower.
Backed by over 65 years of American-made experience.


Piston Diameter:   76 mm
Length of Stroke:  64 mm
Overall Length:     688 mm
Total Weight:        32.4 kg
Air Hose Size:       25 mm
Water Hose Size: 13 mm
Chuck Size:          22 mm or 25 mm x 108 mm


Pressure (PSI)            Impacts per minute (percussion)

80                               2208
90                               2292
100                             2376

MWS83F Jack Leg Drill

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