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Product Description

The Air Connex 1500CFM/20Bar large air flow air compressor is purpose built for Geothermal, Piling and Geotechnical Drilling applications which require very deep drilling and depend on high-powered air compressors to drive the drill rig.

The Air Connex compressors are designed to get the job done. They feature an efficient, fast-reacting speed regulator that delivers consistent outlet pressure for stable hammer/drill operation and a high penetration rate. High pressure air ensures faster operation, while high flow ensures performance in large drill diameter applications. High ambient temperature operation is standard for reliable performance in demanding conditions.


Features & Benefits:

1. Screw Air-end with high efficiency and energy saving function (5 years/10,000 hour warranty)

2. Fuel Efficient CUMMINS engine with green friendly environment protection

3. Adopts German KTR high elastic coupling, no resonance during operation;

4. Large air flow - To reduce the number of parallel machines, fuel - saving, low transportation cost
5. Low noise design - deceleration fan, silent type canopy, with sound absorbent cotton
6. Low fuel consumption design 
7. Full time after-sales service -- with remote monitoring function, providing 24-hour real-time remote monitoring function.


Technical Specifications:


ModelTWT1500D-20F (With wheels optional)
Compressor   StageSingle Stage
Free Air Delivery (CFM/ M3/min)1,500/42.5
Working Pressure (psig/bar)290/20
Screw   Oil Volume-(L)165
Diesel EngineCUMMINS
Engine ModelQSZ13-C550-30
Rated Power (HP/KW)550/410
Rated Speed/Idle (rpm)1,800 / 1,350
Bore (mm)130
Stroke   (mm)163
Compression   Ratio17.5:1
Displacement (L)13
Emission ClassEU III/ TIER 3
Battery Voltage (V)24
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)1,000
Connector Size*QtyG3/4" *1, G 2"* 1
Wheel   Size*QtySKID   MOUNTED
Weight (Kgs)6,800
Dimension   (mm)4,680 * 2,200 * 2,450
Noise   {dB(A)}80±3
Working Temp.(℃)-15℃~50℃(special conditions can be customized)

  Note: Specifiations are subject to change without further notice. 

Portable Air Compressor 1500CFM / 290PSI

SKU: TWT1500D-20F
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