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The Pro360PU model is a drilling rig mounted on a 4x4 Toyota LandCruiser pickup
that provides optimal maneuverabilty and the ability to reach remote/difficult work areas.
For our New Zealand customers the PRO360 Skid Version would be purchased, shipped and fitted to a Landcrusier Type Vehicle that is purchased in New Zealand as this will avoid any Vehicle Certification issues when importing a modified offshore vehicle. Some modifications that can be made to the vehicle is improved suspension, bumpers and tyres if need be.
The complete PRO360PU is versatile and powerful, with its Yanmar 36 HP engine and the Pro 360PU drilling rig is dedicated to soil and environment investigations, as well as shallow Geological and Mineral Exploration drilling using either augers or Core Drilling techniques, down to approximately 40 meters. The Rotation Head includes two hydraulic motors, and can be equipped with a Top Hammer for Rotary-Percussion drilling. The PRO360PU offers a maximum Torque of 130 daNm and 320 rpm for rotation, and is equipped with an air/water injection swivel.


The vehicle is usually equipped with two hydraulic stabilisation jacks at the rear. When the rig is
positioned, the drilling mast is raised using another hydraulic jack and locked into the drilling
position allowing for safe operation of the rig. The drillling control levers are located on an ergonomic control panel. The rig is equipped with an emergency stop button on the control panel, and safety plates along the mast. The PRO360PU can also be equipped with a protection cage. The rig can be equipped with other additional equipment and options such as: Triplex type Mud/Water Injection Pump, Rod Clamp or Auger Guide, Manipulation Winch, Hydraulic Capstan for SPT testing, Top Hammer for Percussion Drilling.



The required vehicle would need to be at least a Toyota LandCruiser V6 single cabin with reinforced suspensions and bumpers.

Flat aluminium platform with dimensions of: 1700mm x 2300mm

Equipped with a roof rack and a spare wheel


PRO360 Engine

Yanmar Diesel Engine 36 HP (26,8 kW) @ 3000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity of 25 litres
Hydraulic oil tank capacity of 100 litres
Triple Hydraulic Pump



Mechanically welded steel skid
2 rear Hydraulic Stabilisation Jacks


Rotation Head

Variable displacement rotation head TR 220/300 TI :
- Torque : 43 to 130 daNm
- Rotation speed : 100 to 320 rpm
Option: Rotation Head TR 170/900 :
- Torque : 55 to 165 daNm
- Rotation speed : 180 to 550 rpm
Air/water injection swivel
Floating shaft with thread 2"3/8 Reg pin



Total length : 3000mm (useful stroke length 2100mm)
Translation by motor and chains
Push and pull-up force: 1200 kg
Raising with hydraulic jack
Auger guide
Option: Rod Clamp with 150mm opening
Safety plates along the mast


Control Panel

Circuits are controlled by manual levers
Pressure gauges for rotation and translation
Emergency stop button for the engine



Water injection pump 80 l/min – 40 Bar
Manipulation winch 500kg capacity
Optional Rotation Head with high torque
Top hammer for rotary percussion
Lateral rod rack
LED night lightning
Protection cage

Pro 360PU

SKU: Pro 360PU Geo Rig
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