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We have a Slope Drilling Rig for sale. This unit has completed one months rental use so its bascially brand new with very little use. This Pneumatic Skid Frame Drilling rig is pefect for slope drilling in hard to access areas. The unit comes with a Winch attached. Currently it does not have a Drifter or Rotary Head fitted so you can select a Pneumatic drifter Option or a Pneumatic Rotary Head option or both.


Pneumatic Speedie Drill includes:

  • SDP180HD Heavy Duty pneumatic feed, 1980lbs. Pull/push
  • SDC0020 Controls, Fixed w/ two distributors, one regulator for feed control and line lubricator, with high pressure regulator
  • SDA0038 Big Knuckle 360 
  • SDA0105  Manual centraliser
  • 180CFM line oiler
  • SDA0142  Pneumatic winch 500kg with 30m cable including valve (optional extra included)
  • Tubular       Sled frame for working on mountain side (optional extra included)

Drifter Options (not included in price):  

BBC120         Pneumtic drifter for 1.5" to 3" holes,  375cfm air required at 100psi

MPL90           Pneumatic drifter for 1.5" to 2" holes, 185cfm air required @100psi

MPL22-007  Pneumatic rotary head 2.4hp,  Up to 4" holes with DTH

MPL22-005  Pneumatic rotary head 2.4hp,  Up to 4" holes with DTH


Other Options (not included in price):  

  • PL360        Pneumatic 360 rotator
  • CL2-6         2" to 6" pneumatic clamp


Mounting Options (not included in price): 

EX3000      Excavator mount to your pin size for either manual or pneumatic rotation

SS3000      Skid Steer mount setup for either manual or pneumatic 360 movement

Acrobatic   Wagon drill style with tires for mountain or easy move around capability


Slope Drilling Rig (Used)

SKU: Used Skid Frame Drill
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