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The Marchetti Torpedo DMT set is used to perform DMT measurements downhole using a drilling rig. The set is composed of five parts: (1) One upper Torpedo Adaptor for connecting the drill rods to the penetration rods, with a hole, a channel and an outer ring for the exit and the protection of the pneumatic electric cable. (2) Three 1 m rods (ɸext 50 mm) (3) Two rod nipples for connecting 1 m rods (ɸext 50 mm)  (4) One lower adaptor for connecting 1 m rods (ɸext 50 mm) to the DMT blade (5) Torpedo extendable cable of 3.8 m.


Weight: 28kg

Dimensions: 140mm x 150mm x 950mm

Torpedo Set for DMT Tests Downhole

SKU: Marchetti part #1000
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