Hirado’s range of pneumatic Ultra Drills consists of several Automatic and Semi-Automatic Drilling Systems.

Safe and easy to use, the Ultra Drills are labor and cost saving.

Once set, the systems drill automatically, allowing for operators to perform other tasks.

All systems run on air and existing equipment can used.


The Ultra Drill range consists of the following models:

UDS: Full Automatic Drilling System equipped with a medium drill. Mainly used for rough rock splitting work.

UDAS: Full Automatic Drilling System equipped with a small or super small dril. Mainly used for drilling holes for wedges or Hirado’s One Body Wedge

UDK:Semi Automatic Drilling System equipped with a small drill. Mainly used for cutting stone slabs and cutting unnecessary parts from stones.

UDM: Semi-Automatic Drilling System equipped with a medial driil. Angle can be adjusted freely. Mainly used for drilling in narrow and/or unstable places

Ultra Drill


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