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ML100 Lubricator

The ML100 does its best to ensure your pneumatic tools run smoothly. The ML100 Lubricator is a customer favorite and will be sure not only to enhance the drill life and performance by protecting against corrosion and machine wear and tear but also help keep any pneumatic tools in top-notch condition and ready for your next big project.


Technical Specifications:

Weight Empty:3.5 kg
Weight Full :5.5 kg
Capacity :700 ml
Length :200 mm
Air consumption:48 l/s
Piston Diameter :115 mm
Safety Fill Cap Diameter :48 mm
Working Pressure :17 kg/cm3
Pipe Thread Size at Intake
or Outlet :
1 1/4 in
Bushing Size Available :1 1/4 in – 1 in or 3/4 in


Ordering Part No.

Part No.5131 103 000


Key Features

  • Easy to handle
  • Large cross-sections
  • No choking
  • Maintenance-free
  • Minimization of tool wear
  • Prevention of icing and rust
  • Ecologically harmless operation
  • No interruption of work
  • Increased tool productivity
  • Reduction in energy requirement
  • Reduction in your tool repair & maintenance costs

Airline Lubricator ML100

SKU: ML100 Line Oiler
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