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The Mincon Rock Drill M112 Drill Mast Attachment is ideal for anchoring, dewatering and solar applications. The M112 rig is capable of drilling with augers, helical anchors, ground screws, PDC Bits, Drag Bits, DTH Hammers and mud drilling setups. The M112 can drill over 60m for small bore applications, or to shallower depths for larger bore holes, i.e. foundation and underpinning applications. The M112 is available as an excavator or skid steer attachment.


  • Height: 4,816mm

  • Mast Stroke: 3,600mm

  • Max Pullback: 2,992kg

  • Weight (mast only): 610kg*

  • Clamp System Optional

  • Side to Side Movement Optional


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M112 Drill Attachment

SKU: M112 Drill Attachment
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