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Product Description

The Air Connex TWT1300D-35F is our high pressure diesel driven air compressor for deep water well/geothermal drilling and is equipped with a high efficiency two stage air-end, powered by a very fuel efficient CUMMINS Diesel Engine.

The working pressure range is 25-35bar and can be adjusted automatically.

This unit is specially designed for deep drilling applications. 


Screw Compressor Features & Benefits:

1. Screw Air-end with high efficiency and a strong warranty (5 years/10,000 hour warranty)

2. Fuel Efficient CUMMINS Diesel Engine 

3. Adopts German KTR high elastic coupling, no resonance during operation;

4. Optional adjustable minimum pressure valve, the working pressure range of the compressor can be extended to 15-35bar;

5. Double heavy load air filter element with large dust capacity, can effectively protect the engine and compressor from working under severe dust;

6. Intelligent Controller,full running CVT system and GPS/GPRS Control. It also provides 24-hour remote intelligent monitoring function of the unit.


Screw Compressor Technical Specifications:

Compressor   StageSingle Stage
Free Air Delivery (CFM/ M3/min)