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Geotechnical Rig - Pro 360EX

The Pro360 model is a light Geotechnical Drilling Rig with a 36 HP engine.

The rig is very versatile and has low operational costs. The Pro 360EX rig is dedicated to Soil and Environmental Investigation. The Pro 360EX is mounted on self-propelled rubber tracks, and is
equipped for destructive and coring rotary drilling, as well as percussion drilling, down to 40 meters.
With its simple and robust design, the Pro 360EX rig is easy to maintain and can be operated in the most difficult job conditions. The Pro 360EX is very agile with its tracks and low skid, it
can be easily operated on uneven ground. Moving the rig on site is by way of manual controls (Radio Remote Controls optional). This entry-level model offers a wide range of equipment and options. Its variable displacement Rotation Head offering up to 320 rpm for rotation and a maximum torque of 130 daNm.
It comes standard with 4 stabilisation feet (hydraulic jacks as option), an air/water injection
swivel, a lateral rod rack, a rod clamp with a 150mm opening, and a mud/water injection pump supplied with its own thermal engine. The mast is raised into the vertical position using an
hydraulic jack, and has a standard useful stroke of 1.8 meters, allowing the use of 1.5 m long rods.


Other optional equipment is available such as:
- Screw type Injection Pump
- Hydraulic Top-Hammer and Rotary Percussion Head
- Equipment for Semi-automatic SPT
- Radio Remote Controller to move the rig
- Hydraulic Stabilization Jacks
- Sensors connection for drilling parameters recording

- Lateral Rod Rack

- Mounting on a Toyota Landcruiser


The Pro360EX rig is equipped with emergency stops on the control panel and on the remote, and safety plates along the mast. It can also be equipped with a protection cage as per CE standards.



Welded steel skid, with a self-propelled track 900 mm wide and 1230 mm long.
4 x manual stabilisation feet (hydraulic jacks as option)
Rig moving with manual proportional levers, with an emergency stop (radio remote
control possible see options




Diesel engine Yanmar 36 HP, (26,8 kW) @ 3000 rpm 

Air cooling system
Fuel tank with 20 litre capacity
Hydraulic oil tank with 40 litre capacity
Triple hydraulic pump
Hydraulic oil cooler


Rotation Head

Torque : 43 to 130 daNm (mkg)
Rotation : 100 to 320 rpm
Injection swivel for air and water
Translation by motor and double chain
Manual opening of the rotation head's skid



Mast with useful stroke 1.8 m (for 1.5 m rods)
Total height = 2900 mm (option 2200 mm)
Mast raised with an hydraulic jack, with locking feature into the drilling position
Push and pull-up force = 1200 kg (12 kN)
Rod clamp with a 150mm opening



Control Panel with Emergency Stop button
Safety plates located along the mast
Emergency Stop button on the optional remote control


Dimensions in Drilling Position

(L x W x H) = 2500mm x 900mm x 2900mm


Dimensions when tramming/moving

(L x W x H) = 2900mm x 900mm x 1800mm



900kg to 1200kg (depending on options)

PRO 360 EX

SKU: Pro 360EX Geo Rig
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