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MH505L – Pneumatic Jack Hammer

The MH505L Sinker Drill is a time-tested and proven choice by many users.

This low-cost pneumatic unit dominates the markets of India and Brazil due to its high return on investment and is designed for drilling through granite, hard-faced rock, quarry drilling, bench drilling, construction drilling and drilling secondary boreholes for blasting. The MH505L has built-in air flushing which facilitates the removal of drill cuttings to reduce the risk of "bogging" the drill.

The MH504W is its water flushing counterpart which is used for dust suppression applications. The MH505L can drill holes up to six meters deep. The MH505L hand Drill also has a robust "kick-latch" retainer for fast and convenient tool changing.



  • Water flushing.
  • Air connection options – 5/8 in (16mm)X 14 BSP & 3/4 in (19mm)X14 BSP
  • Chuck sizes – 22 mm X 108 mm (7/8 in X 4¼ in) & 25 mm X 108 mm(1 in X 4¼ in)


Technical Specifications:

Weight:24 kg
Chuck Size:22 x 108 mm
Length:565 mm
Stroke Length:59 mm
Air Consumption:58 l/s
Penetration Rate:425 mm/min
Piston Diameter:65 mm
Max Drilling Diameter:40 mm
Max Drilling Depth:6000 mm
Impact Rate:2040 BPM
Revolutions:215 RPM


Ordering Part No.

Part No.Chuck Size
5111 109 00022 mm x 108 mm (7/8 in X 4¼ in)
5111 109 000 5025 mm x 108 mm (1 in X 4¼ in)


Key Features

  • Built-in air flushing to reduce the risk of the drill jamming
  • Able to drill holes up to 6 metres deep
  • Robust kick-latch type retainer for convenient tool change
  • Market leading product
  • Traditional design accounts for cost effective and easily available spare parts

Rock Drill MH505L

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