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Matex Non alcohol-based high performance foam

  • FOAMER ES  is a non alcohol-based foam used for diamond and rotary drilling applications.
  • FOAMER ES provides and environmentally acceptable foaming agent to be used in mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration and water well drilling operations.
  • FOAMER ES  has an excellent half-life comparable to the leading foams on the market.
  • FOAMER ES  gives an immediate tight foam with good lifting characteristics.
  • FOAMER ES can be enhanced by the addition of Matex Hole Control or Ultravis to create significantly stiffer foam if required.


Below is a biodegradability chart comparing FOAMER ES to a common foaming agent.  The biodegradability of the FOAMER ES is 99.9% after 2 to 3 days. 

The second point to consider is that the other component besides the one in the SDS is water.

TABLE 4: SDA (Shake Flask Evaluation of the Biodegradability) AOS

Sample                           Percent Biodegradation
AOS 2-S                          99.99
AOS 4-S                          100.0
AOS 4-S                          99.8
AOS 8-S                          99.9
SDA C, LAS (Standard)    94.0

SDS available on request.

Drill Foam - Foamer ES

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