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Product Description

The Air Connex 741CFM/13BAR low-medium pressure Electrical Air Compressors offer state of the art high efficiency motors, low consumption, low maintenance costs and low noise levels.

These units comply with the NEMA and IEC standards.

These units are ideal for Marine Applications, Construction, Water Well, Demolition Tooling and applications requiring a 750CFM / 188PSI supply. 


Features & Benefits:


1. Screw Air-end Super Rotor, low speed (5 years/10000 hours warranty).

2. International warranty service covered high efficient motor with protection level IP54 .

3. High standard controller system, much safer .

4. Safe and Reliable Air Filter System.

5. Advanced &Energy-saving Intake System .


Technical Specifications:

Compressor StageSingle Stage
Free Air Deliv